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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility policy :
People-oriented, protection of rights and interests, compliance with the law, continuous improvement.

Company quality policy :
Customer supremacy, quality assurance, full participation and continuous improvement 。

Company HSF policy :
Compliance, process management, green environmental protection, continuous improvement 。

Declaration of RBA Management :

Corporate environmental policy :
Abide by the laws and regulations, protect the environment, treasure the resources, and continue to improve 。

Management policy of occupational health and safety of the company :
Prevention of risk, safety first, compliance with law and continuous improvement 。

Declaration of Conflict Minerals Free :

According to local laws and regulations to fulfill the company's commitment to social and environmental responsibility obligations, and agreed to continue the corresponding improvement measures and corrective procedures, to the electronics industry standards for our goals through various channels, the policies and regulations of local statutory institutions as the basis, at the same time according to comply with environmental safety, social responsibility and labor conditions to develop electronic the industry standard company policies, processes and working environment.