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Development strategy

National market target:

The next three years work planning, capacity expansion plan, 2018 shipments 62KK, 2020 to 120KK, revenue to 11 billion yuan. Development areas are mainly concentrated in: flat (including two in one), notebook (including Chromebook), mobile phone, vehicle, industrial control, intelligent home, robot and so on.

State display industry layout:

Guo Xian science and technology is the core enterprise of information display plate under the banner of "China building materials" (the world's top 500 top 243th), and has a production base in Southern China and central China.

Glass substrate, glass panel, glass thinning, display module, touch control cover, touch display, and terminal electronic market. Realizing the layout of the whole industry chain and the integration of supply chain

National intelligent production target: from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Using 6000 people to achieve 100 billion, manpower is reduced by 60%, the proportion of customized products is over 60%, and the product R & D cycle is shortened by 70%.

The core competitiveness of the country:

1, the full support of the large platform of central enterprises

2. Quick response to customers

3, product R & D innovation ability

4, high quality customer market development ability

5, good supply chain relationship

6, future intelligent production platform

The country shows the investment plan for the next three years.

HQ of Shenzhen: a low carbon City Industrial Park (R & D market center, product design)

Market applications: Mobile, tablet, industrial control, vehicle, etc.

Area: Southern China, Pearl River Delta and other areas

China East China base: Bengbu one, Bengbu two (thinning, TP)

Market application: flat plate, large size notebook.

Service areas: East China, Yangtze River Delta and other areas

China shows the base of the southwest region:

Market applications: Mobile, computer, smart home and other fields

Service area: Southwest Region

To build the world class country, the country will be built into hundreds of billions of enterprises, become the research and development center of the information display industry, and become the maker of the industry standard. This is our mission and pursuit. Meet the striver alliance, foresee the world class country, in the future, is to become a world-class enterprises, the need to reach this dream all our people's temper to a struggle in the league, together to create a brilliant tomorrow!