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School enrollment guide

Every year, National Science and technology will be recruited throughout the country on campus, divided into autumn recruitment and spring recruitment. Every year in July a total of more than 200 new forces officially acceding to become the new technology

School enrollment

School enrollment in the autumn: Sichuan Station - Shaanxi Station - Anhui station (Sichuan Chengdu, Mianyang - Shaanxi Xi'an - Anhui Hefei, Huainan)

Spring school enrollment: Hubei Railway Station - Hunan Station - Guangxi station (Hubei Wuhan -
Position Education experience Place Number Date
Tube class Tube class Shenzhen 5 2018-02-02
Human resources Undergraduate Shenzhen 2 2018-02-02
Financial category Undergraduate Shenzhen 2 2018-02-02
Class IT Undergraduate Shenzhen 4 2018-02-02