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Nineteen great spirits of science and technology study in China -- a lecture on

October 26th, Ping Street moral lecture into the park lecture series "autumn activities into the area in Shenzhen City Display Technology Co. Ltd., Ping Street Party Working Committee, organization department, union president Peng Weizeng to China was deputy general manager, deputy general manager and party secretary Zheng Qilin, Scarlett, that all Party members and party activists a total of more than 60 staff molecules preach nineteen spirit, share insights.
Wei added minister with vivid language, the main contents of the report will be based on nineteen theoretical explanations and examples of the vivid stories, the essence and spirit in the interpretation of the report contains the talk from different perspectives to share their learning experiences of the nineteen report.

Peng Weizeng, a member of the Committee of the Party Work Committee, the Minister of the organization and chairman of the general trade union, shared a warm share.

The host introduced the background of the moral lecture hall.

The employees listened carefully to the nineteen major reports of the minister.

Minister Wei Zeng promoted the nineteen spiritual sharing meeting in the moral lecture hall.

Employees are devoted to the scene of the moral lecture hall.

Business employees take notes carefully

The nineteen major spiritual exchanges will be on the 

The nineteen major spiritual exchanges will be on the