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China Building Materials Group convened a symposium on democratic life for leadi

According to the CPC Central Commission for discipline inspection organs, the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee on a good 2017 year above the county Party and government leading cadres of democratic life the spirit of the document and SASAC notice requirements, January 22nd, China building materials group party secretary and chairman Comrade Song Zhiping presided over the 2017 annual meeting of the group of leading cadres of the party democratic life meeting comments forum and listen to your suggestions to the group leadership and team members. Liu Zhijiang, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the Party committee of the group, Cao Jianglin, the Standing Committee of the Party committee and general manager, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee Sun Lishi, the Standing Committee of the Party committee, the Secretary of the discipline committee, Yang Jie and other comrades attended the meeting. The person in charge of the relevant department of the group is in the table.
At the symposium, 17 members from the group, including representatives of the members of the Beijing enterprises, representatives of workers, representatives of science and technology, youth representatives, retired veteran comrades and headquarters staff representatives, made a speech. In a speech, everyone on the group leadership and team members to firmly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the SASAC and the major decisions and plans and fully affirmed, spoke highly of the reform and development of the Party group, proud of the outstanding achievements made in 2017 year group. Especially in the study and publicize the spirit, thoroughly implement the party's nineteen big national enterprise party construction work conference, the operating results achieved substantial growth, and promote the reorganization and integration of innovation and transformation, strengthen anti-corruption work, Zhuo Youcheng has done a lot of work effectively, make a model for the group, set up an example. At the same time, we work closely with the state economy, building materials industry trend, group development situation, combined with the unit of the enterprise of the department specific work practice, 33 specific proposals from the aspects of the group's strategic development, management, resource coordination, leadership style, Party building work, learning and training, internal communication etc..

After listening carefully to the speech, comrade Song Zhiping praised the high quality of your speeches and the suggestions and suggestions put forward. It is a high quality consultation and management communication conference. He pointed out that good comments will be open, is a necessary part of good democratic life, pragmatic leadership group is also the trend of investigation and research, the requirement of the future before the major events, focus on work or important decisions, to solicit opinions and investigation to do deep fine. And around the real needs of the group from high speed to high quality development, the requirement is put forward from five aspects: first, focus on the main business in the direction of business. It is to do a strong main business, to realize the reintegration of business, so that the management level is very clear and the business sector is very clear. Two is from the overall body volume, to lean and healthy. To lean, to be healthy. To continue the business level, management level yajian. Three, from the quality of capital, we should go to leverage. We should steadily promote capital management, strengthen risk prevention and control, and reduce the rate of assets and liabilities. Four, from the impetus of development, we must rely on innovation, and innovation is the driving force for our high quality development. It is necessary to rely on technology and rely on innovation to constantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Five, from the internal vitality, we must rely on the mechanism. We should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and staff at all levels, and further solve the relationship between employees' interests and enterprise benefits, and establish effective mechanisms. At the same time, new requirements for Party construction and discipline inspection are put forward. The work of Party building should be "fine" and "meticulous and meticulous". The concept of modern enterprise management should be introduced actively, and the work of the party's construction is institutionalized and indexed to realize the fine management of the work of Party construction. Discipline inspection should be "strict" and "strict and strict". With strict care, strictly to protect the Comrade Comrade, with strict protection efforts of comrades, let everyone happy discovery fast, safe, healthy, happy blessed work and life.