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The signing of the responsibility book for the business management target of the

In order to ensure the implementation of the company's 2018 annual business objectives, performance management system and establish a sound incentive and restraint mechanisms, strengthen the executive ability of enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, in December 29, 2017, the company meeting room on the third floor, presided over by Lv Zong "2018 management target responsibility book" signing ceremony. The leaders attending the signing ceremony included Omulan, general manager, Su Jungong, deputy general manager, deputy general manager Zheng Qilin, general manager of various departments and director of more than 30 departments.

(sign the scene of the ceremony)

Company general manager Omulan made an important speech at the signing ceremony, she summed up the show in 2017 achieved good results, but there is still a considerable part of the work implementation is not in place, that goal is not ideal, I hope everyone from the review, while a clear goal in 2018. The president of Europe has expressed the overall goal of upgrading its management target in 2018, and further leads to the deepening of the objectives, the training of basic skills and the spirit of the craftsman. The value of Guo Xian is closely integrated with the excellent growth of enterprises, and it stimulates the enthusiasm of management and staff, and promotes the mutual promotion between the development of enterprises and the promotion of staff value, so that the business objectives of 2018 become the common cause of all colleagues.

The first business department signed a photo

Second business department signed a photo

Third business department signed a photo

Fourth business department signed a photo

Bengbu States sign a photo

The signing ceremony is successfully completed. It is continuity and sublimation of business management. It is a demonstration of sincerity, determination and confidence for managers at all levels to create bright future together with all colleagues. Lay a good foundation for the performance management system in 2018, the country was man with a high sense of responsibility and sense of ownership, accelerate the pace of work and efforts to promote the United Nations under the banner of explicit, can do the work better, let the enterprise toward development of more brilliant tomorrow.