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K&D focus

The program color rehearsal of the ---2018 Spring Festival Gala is officially op

National display technology 2018 Spring Festival Gala program rehearsal

The first floor is officially opened in the training room on the first floor.

If you want to know how the event is, we also look at the small compilation of the scene.

First of all, at the beginning of the selection, Xiao Bian introduces the heavyweight judges of this selection to you.

They are Zheng Qilin, deputy general manager of the company, Lv Peirong, deputy general manager, vice general manager Feng Cui, second deputy general manager Zhang Xuemei, assistant general manager Liang Yudong, chief executive Zhou Songquan and HR manager to help East.

To introduce the big cafes, let's take a look at the overall program form for this rehearsal.

Every program is made by the Chinese people, and see this, do you want to see more of the scene? The next Xiaobian take you to enter the scene.

Family members do their best for the show

Not only inviting the judges to participate and cooperate with the program, but also in the field of teaching

此次选拔共历时4个小时,可谓是精彩纷呈,激情四射。赛后评委们进行激烈的讨论,欲知结果如何,请期待小编下次告知,敬请期待!!!The selection lasted 4 hours, and it was a wonderful and passionate. After the competition, the judges have a fierce discussion. Please look forward to the little editor's next announcement. Please look forward to it!