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China Building Materials Group won the first prize for national scientific and t

On the morning of January 8th, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the national science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing. The leaders of the party and the state Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning attended the conference and awarded the prize winners. China building materials group zhongfushenying carbon fiber limited liability company to declare the "dry jet wet spinning kiloton high modulus carbon fiber / key technology industrialization and application" project 100 tons won the first prize of national science and technology progress. Since this is the new century in 2000, following the 2006 "ultra-thin float glass technology and complete sets of key equipment in the application of electronic glass industrial production development project and the 2001" glass fiber technology and equipment development project group received Third National Science and technology progress award. The key technology and equipment and application of building glass service risk detection and reliability evaluation, also declared the two prize of national science and technology progress, is declared by China general building of building materials.

(left seven first prize winning project first accomplisher, zhongfushenying carbon fiber company chairman Zhang Guoliang, the project is the first prize winning second left eight adults, China composite end group limited company chairman Zhang Dingjin)

Carbon fiber is the key strategic material for national security and weapon equipment, and it is a sensitive material for foreign long-term technical blockade and product monopoly. China Building Materials Group is responsible for developing the national responsibility of developing glass fiber and composite materials. As early as the beginning of the new century, carbon fiber was taken as the top project of enterprises in the field of new materials. In 2007, the opportunity to enter the carbon fiber business came. Chinese building materials group and Lianyungang company Shenying carbon fiber company to discuss cooperation, then the company joined China building materials group and renamed zhongfushenying. Join China building materials group zhongfushenying such as "rain drought", more than 10 years, Chinese building materials group to determine the target, the development of carbon fiber unremittingly, will be incorporated into the strategic planning group to cultivate new materials, continue to provide capital, technology, management, personnel support, and support firms in the Predicament of marching forward, key step by step technology breakthrough, the successful implementation of scale and industrialization.

Dry jet wet spinning kiloton high modulus carbon fiber / key technology and application of industrial project 100 tons in one by one on the basis of independent innovation, to capture the core technology of the problem of dry jet wet spinning carbon fiber, built China's first completely independent intellectual property rights of the annual output of 5000 tons of dry jet wet spinning carbon fiber and tons of high strength (T700) / 100 tons of mold (T800) carbon fiber production line, made a series of major scientific and technological achievements. Innovation and development of the bulk polymerization and homogenization solution preparation technology, overcome the high strength / modulus carbon fibers and key technology of dry jet wet spinning, independently developed a PAN fiber rapid homogeneous pre oxidation, carbonization integrated technology, and for the first time with the construction of independent property rights of the dry jet wet spinning of high strength / 100 kiloton ton in the mode of carbon fiber industry production system. The project fills the gap of domestic dry jet wet spinning carbon fiber production technology, has the self manufacturing ability of carbon fiber equipment, improves the overall technology and industrialization level of China's carbon fiber industry, and successfully enters the global high-end field of carbon fiber industry. The innovative achievements of dry spray wet spinning carbon fiber precursor, fast pre oxidation technology and complete sets of technology and key equipment obtained by this project lay a foundation for the development and engineering of T1000 fiber with higher strength.

(right two prize project leader, chief scientist Chinese Building Material Institute inspection group Dr. Yi Wang Bao)

"Architectural glass service risk detection and reliability evaluation of key technology and equipment and application" project after more than ten years of development, from the theoretical model - Test methods - founded the development of special equipment - Standard Specification - Application of the whole chain of innovation, the development of the photoelastic method tempered glass explode source automatic detection technology and equipment, the invention of the "dynamic relative method detection and prediction of building curtain wall glass fall risk," defection "method of hollow glass and glass curtain wall structural safety safety inspection robot system, realize the automatic detection of high altitude. The project developed hollow glass safety requirements in line with the European standard series of testing equipment and American Standard, a strong impetus to China's glass to enhance the quality and level of internationalization. The detection results of the project are widely used in domestic and abroad building curtain wall glass, promote the standard detection technology in the field of building curtain wall glass, reflects the public service industry and the construction of public security, for the improvement of China's architectural glass safety, and reduce safety accidents has important practical significance.

Since the beginning of the national science and Technology Awards Conference in 2001, China Building Materials Group has won 23 first prize of national science and technology progress award, two prize and 23 national technology invention two prize, and has participated in 1 National Science and technology progress award.