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Song Zhiping to the material in lithium film field research: emphasize the turn

In January 25th, the State Council held a national teleconference on production safety, learning the important thought of Premier Li Keqiang important instructions and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping on safe production, emphasizing a solid job of production safety work of a new era, to enrich people's sense of security, more secure, more sustainable. Meeting of the deployment of production safety during the beginning of the end of the year and strengthen the national "NPC and CPPCC", stressed that the risk of hidden investigation and management of production safety, safety production. Song Zhiping, the party secretary and chairman of the Party committee of China building materials group participated in the meeting at the main meeting.

In January 28th, the party secretary and chairman Song Zhiping, general manager Cao Jianglin and vice chairman Li Xinhua and other members of China building materials group visited the production plant of Sinoma lithium film Co., Ltd. and held the on-site safety meeting. During the period, we participated in the 2018 annual working meeting of China United Cement and medium technology.

As the first person responsible for the safety in production, Song Zhiping, on the spot of the workshop and face-to-face with the cadres and staff, emphasized the importance of safety production to the 250 thousand cadres and staff members of the group, and deployed safety production related work.

Song Zhiping first conveyed in January 25th the State Council held the spirit of the national production safety teleconference, then stressed that China building materials is a manufacturing enterprise, there are many mines and factories, and there are a lot of overseas construction workers, safety responsibility of leading cadres at all levels should be weightier than Mount Tai, adhere to the socialist ideology China characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide to thoroughly implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, firmly establish the concept of safe development, always put the staff of life safety first, adhere to the "development can not be at the expense of human life at the expense of the line, establish and improve the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, and make concerted efforts, the responsibility of production safety the responsibility system, the security responsibilities to the job, to the head.

Song Zhiping also stressed that the turn of the year is always the accident period, each unit should strengthen emergency duty, strict implementation of leading cadres in charge of key posts, 24 hours duty system and accident information reporting system, improve the emergency disposal plan, to ensure the safety of staff, happy blessed a peaceful Spring festival.

Field inspection

Group board secretary, general manager assistant Guang Zhao Yu, President of Sinoma, Peng Jianxin, chairman of Sinoma technology, Xue Zhongmin, President Liu Ying, party secretary Song Bolu attended the on-site safety work conference.